The heart and soul of Kids4Peace. All people involved with K4P in Canada are volunteers. The basic areas for the operation of the Kids4Peace charitable activities are Publicity, Administration, Recruiting, Programs, and Fund raising. There is a volunteer in charge of each area supported by task specific volunteers.

In order to consider whether and how you want to be a volunteer, and to help K4P advise you where you would be the most immediate help, you need to submit an application.

The downloadable application will include contact information and a statement explaining why you want to work for K4P, and your resume. As an organization educating children about three faiths, we need to include information about your faith and at which place of worship you practice that faith.

After the receipt of your application you will be invited for an interview. There will be a detailed discussion of the present organization and personnel, focusing on your interests and where the organization needs volunteers. You should come to the interview ready with any questions about the organization.

The final step will give you an opportunity to meet the people in the organization, especially in the areas where you could be involved.

Thank you for considering volunteering for Kids4Peace.

Download application