Daily Program

Oh to be a kid again! Being a Kids4Peace kid has a lot going on. Our daily programs are designed to create a great combination of stimulating cultural activities combined with lots of physical outdoor fun.

Kids interact with other and explore their own cultures and religions to understand their differences as well as the many things they share. During the afternoon there are outdoor games and activities. In addition to the numerous camp adventures, the Kids4Peace kids are taken on tours of a synagogue, mosque and church where they see and experiences different religious practices.

Our kids also create the annual “Abraham’s Tent,” where they put together a play which ties the themes common to all three faiths, through understanding the personality of Abraham. The play is written and performed at the end of the camp each year by the children for parents and other Kids4Peace participants.

At the end of the program, we also see the sites and tour many local points of local interest including landmarks such as the CN Tour, Niagara Falls and the Butterfly Museum.

View some examples: