The Application Process : What to Expect

Who will make a successful Kid4Peaces? Successful applicants need to be:

  • 11 years old at the start of the current year’s camp
  • Knowledgeable of your own faith
  • Interested in learning about the other two faiths
  • Ready to deal with the challenges of getting to know people from another land who may only have very limited English (Kids from Israel may only have had one year of English language schooling – most will speak Arabic and some may speak Hebrew)
  • Ready to be away from home for a couple of weeks
  • Eager to participate fully in all aspects of the program

Steps in the application:

  1. Obtain your application from the web site or contact K4P to request a copy.
  2. Complete the application making sure the printing is clear especially for emails and telephone numbers.
  3. Deliver your application to the Applications Committee who will distribute copies to the Advisor for your faith, and the Secretary.
  4. Please forward your application to:
    Bill Crossin
    5 Georgian Court
    Toronto ON M4P2J7

  5. You will be invited with your parent or parents to attend for a private interview with the Interviewer and your faith’s Advisor. Your parents will have the opportunity with a Chapter Member to bring forward any questions about the program while you have your interview. (If you are Kids4Peace kid, your provisional acceptance will be given to you at the conclusion of your interview.)
  6. After the interview you will be given a Medical History Form to be completed and returned to K4P as soon as possible.
  7. There will be a Police record check of all adults who will be resident in your home during the 2 or 3 day visit of your Peace Pal during the program.
  8. A Chapter member will visit your home shortly after the interview to see the accommodation for the Peace Pal and to meet the rest of your family and to advise your parents of dietary requirements, laundry needs, and possible activities during the Peace Pal visit (especially helping the Peace Pal find some souvenirs).
  9. Receive your official confirmation as one of the Kids4Peace from this year’s program onward.