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24 kids. Three faiths. One planet.

Kids4Peace (Canada) 2012 Program

In 2012 Toronto will host a Kids4Peace program by bringing together children from the Galilee region of Israel who will meet with twelve Canadian twelve-year-old children. The groups of children will be made up of an equal mix of boys and girls, including children from each of the three faiths: Muslim, Jewish and Christian. During the 2011 and 2012 school years, the children will communicate by mail, email and online and the Canadian kids will have a number of opportunities to meet directly with each other during the year.

The Toronto kids will discover the culture, geography, customs and traditions of the children from Galilee and will also learn to appreciate their own faith and to respect the faiths of the other children. The Kids4Peace program provides a unique opportunity to form friendships based on equality and respect that cross religious and ethnic lines. As the kids grow up in our multicultural, multi-faith society, this strong, positive experience will help them build bridges between diverse communities in Canada and around the world.

The highlight of the program will occur in the summer 2012, when the children from Israel travel to Canada. They will all travel to a summer camp in Southern Ontario where the focus of the fun-filled activities will be the development of leadership skills and respect for others through a variety of interfaith programs, sports, arts and outdoor activities. Specially prepared foods will be provided for those who require them in keeping with their religious traditions.

The program is funded by donations from a number of religious and educational institutions, banks, foundations, corporations, and individuals. The total cost of Kids4Peace Toronto 2012 is expected to be approximately $80,000.

How to Apply:

If you have an eleven-year-old child, or grandchild, who would be interested in participating please call or contact us at:

Kids4Peace Toronto 2012
Bill Crossin
5 Georgian Court
Toronto, ON, Canada M4P 2J7
Tel: 416-277-2228


Kids4Peace(Canada) has received charitable status and a tax receipt will be issued for your donation. Please make your cheque payable to:

Kids4Peace (Canada)
85 Shellamwood Trail
Toronto, ON, Canada M1S 2M9