Kids4Peace 2011: Community Building in Toronto and Galilee

Kids4Peace 2011 Building Community at Home and in the Middle East

Community Building in Toronto

In 2011 Kids4Peace is focussing its efforts on community building both at home in Toronto and in Galilee. We continue to be stimulated and challenged both in terms of generating broad community support for our program and the funds we need bring local and Middle East kids together for our summer programs.

Building on our past accomplishments, we will be strengthening our important volunteer base in Toronto, not only for the effort needed to organize our summer programs but also to develop awareness of Kids4Peace among local churches, temples and mosques and other interest groups. However, as much as we need funding, we also need to bolster our recruitment efforts to attract strong candidate kids for our program -- kids who are engaged with their world and are interested in meeting with other children and cultures to further the cause of a peaceful planet.

Kids4Peace Counsellors Travel to Galilee

To broadened our experience and enhance our ties to Galilee, we will be sending two of our counsellors to the Middle East in the spring of 2011.

We are very excited about this effort which adds new dimensions to our organization and summer program in a number of important ways. Our counsellors will now have an investment in Kids4Peace which will provide them with more long term knowledge as well as commitment to our program. They will also benefit from experiencing the local cultures and environments of the Middle East first hand. This will provide invaluable understanding to help the kids from both Galilee and Toronto when they get together for our summer program in Toronto.

Our counsellors are also committed to bringing their experiences 'back home' to Toronto to help broaden awareness of our organization and stimulate more commitment to our efforts. The 'hands on' experience in Galilee not only demonstrates our investment in the organization, it also provides a springboard for presentations and local Toronto events to build on for the future.

With our community building efforts in 2011, we look ahead to 2012 with encouragement and excitement for the next Kids4Peace summer program.

The highlight of the program will occur in the summer 2012, when the children from Israel travel to Canada. They will all travel to a summer camp in Southern Ontario where the focus of the fun-filled activities will be the development of leadership skills and respect for others through a variety of interfaith programs, sports, arts and outdoor activities. Specially prepared foods will be provided for those who require them in keeping with their religious traditions.

The program is funded by donations from a number of religious organizations, banks, foundations, corporations, and individuals. The total cost of Kids4Peace Toronto 2012 is expected to be approximately $80,000.

2012 Investments


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